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We want to translate the application into Arabic please🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


The app should be able to connect people based on whether or not they have eachother’s numbers


In my town people use this app badly and they can’t really understand the idea of it. There are lots of bullies and I’d love you to close this app for my town and for people who are living here. My friends and family members are getting hurt and I’m so sad about them😫

Like it, but...

I really like using this to get feedback and questions for my Instagram account. However, I recently logged out and now it’s saying that I need to grant Tellonym access to instagram, which I’ve already done. It won’t let me in at all. I don’t know how to fix it

Why 17 and up?

Okay so I had this on my iPad so I could connect to my ibfs and I was going to download it again then I saw it was 17 and up so I am giving this app 1 star until it’s for under 17

Send help please

Ok so i made an account before and I forgot the password to the account and when I clicked like the help thingie the methods wouldn’t like pop up ????

Sign in Horrible

Can’t log back into account?? I was logged out and it continuously says I have the incorrect pass and user but it’s not wrong and no matter what I do even in the email it just brings me back to the main page and I can’t get in.




Terrible I lost my account in the new update , unless I get it back will not be using this app anymore, have a good day

Signing up

I’ve been having trouble signing up I’ve deleted the app and re-downloaded it and I’m still having the same issue. Every time I type in the user I want I keep getting the same pop up that’s says “Tellonym is getting better. We work on our servers to enhance your experience with Tellonym. Try it again in 5 minuets”. And I’ve been trying every couple hours and still the same pop up.

My Review

I feel like this is similar to tbh


Very glitchy

It’s good.

It would be better if there was a way to stop any negative stuff from being posted. It really annoys me when that happens.


It is a great way to connect with friends and it is easy to use and that is why I give it five stars

I Love It

I mostly love the app, Its really easy to use and fun. But theres this bug which makes asks appear twice or thrice and it very annoying to delete them. I think there should be a choice if you choose to share your location or no in the app and if there could be a feature to allow askers to add embed links and pictures. Overall a good app.


هذا البرنامج خاصية ذكية جدا ف شكراً لكم، وتابعوا


I can’t read any of my tells

Buena para la función que realiza

Me parece bien, quizá algo innovadora pero, tan poco para tanto

Can’t log back in 😭

I love this app I really do but I can’t log back into my account I’m even trying to get friends to get In so they can change my password but it won’t work for them either please fix this!

Promotes cyber bullying

I was recently cyber bullied on this app, and this app basically promotes cyber bullying and it allows bullies to go behind a screen and anonymously say hurtful things to others. I think that is just messed up




So so so so so so so great app


The only disappointment comment is, if the sender sent alot of tell to someone, the app it self shows to the receiver person the sender’s account in “ people you may know”


This app is horrible. It is a platform for cyber bullying and trolling. I’ve seen numerous messages suggesting that people kill themselves. It needs to STOP!


اريد ان لا احد من الناس ان يقرأ رسايلي 😫

كيف اخليه عربي

كيف اخليه عربي

im about to sNaP

okay this mmmmm. i had my account and it was all great. i got all my tellonyms blah blah blah. itd take a solid minute tho for it to actually appear in my inbox. anyway, i decided to make another one for another account and so that the link and username would match up. GIRL this is where i lost it. i literally did every possible username for this like 01jvllity01 and like jvllity1234567890.. which idk who would even use that. then i was like okay well lemme see these people cause i wanted to start swinging. then guess tf what.. there were no accounts with even my original username “jvllity” so uhh. im about to punch someone i am so done. tellonym you better mf contact me and get this sorted out cause im about to loSE IT

Fix this problem

Please fix this problem by letting everyone log back into there accounts and update the app also


Hi I’ve loved the app for a while but recently it’s been buggy. Will you fix this?

Won’t load or do anything

The app keeps freezing up for me. It won’t let me check my tells or send a tell or connect my account to an email. Its just frozen. It won’t load at all even with wifi on.

I like it😂

It’s a good app. I also seen some comments about how y’all should make it possible to log into multiple account at once cause lots of ppl use it through Instagram and some ppl like me have more then one Instagram account so I wanna make more account but don’t wanna log in and out of them all the time. Plus my bf has one and I can log into in form the website but I can’t like stay logged it yk. So ye I think that would be cool.

It’s alright

The only thing that’s wrong with this app is the fact that I can’t log back into my account or change my name

Needs help

I love the app and all but when it comes to getting tells it says I have 17 but I don’t have them I only have 4 please fix this problem and make the app faster.




This app is horrible when it comes to blocking people that don’t have accounts. I keep getting told to kill myself by the same person and the cyberbullying on here is intense.


It says that I got a tell, but the app won’t let me see it. What’s up with that? Can you please fix it? I see a lot of potential in this app, but people need to be able to see their tells if you want your app to become well known.

What the heck

Am I really that ugly that I’ve never gotten a message since I downloaded this app


But it would be nice if you could have more than one account open at the same time


I was having an issue with not receiving my tells so I contacted support, they were so friendly and fixed my issue. Thank you so much! This app is amazing and works great, it’s so easy to handle spam or trolls. Way better than Sarahah. Love this app!


My tellonym says I have tells but it won’t let me view them or even get them when people send it.. please fix this

fix bugs

Great app but please fix the lagging. I get notifications but can’t refresh


My tells have been coming in WEEKS late? Like, I’ll answer them on my insta story and people will respond like “hey, I sent that a few weeks ago”

two suggestions!

this app is great!:) but instead of giving us a notification that we got a new tell, i think you should show us the preview of it. and you should make it possible to be log into more than one account at the same time! if that makes sense


اكتبووو لي ياخي ☹️😹❤️❤️


האפליקציה מש טובה יחסית לסארה



الى شركة teelonym

انا حزينه، لا أحد يرسل لي شيئاً ، ولم يقل لي احدٌ مساء الخير هذه الليله ):

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